I'm having trouble applying brace, suggestions?


1) Sit on the floor or chair. First check your Orthosis for any damage, replace if damaged. Locate “Front” printed on top ring, This indicates front of orthosis.

2) Roll up Orthosis between thumb and forefingers, keeping the “front” of the orthosis facing you.  

3) Slide the orthosis up to the top of your tibia, place the lower ring below tibial tubersoity, the large oblong elevation on your tibia

4) Pull the upper ring and remaining material up above knee, the upper ring should be above your medial quadriceps.

5) Stand up and raise the upper ring up your thigh over medial quadriceps.  

Should I ask my Doctor before using superskin?

Yes. Please, ask your physician or medical professional if this new product is appropriate for your use. We do not advocate superskin use for new injuries. it is appropriate for someone who has almost recovered from there injury and wish to return to activities but don't feel completely stable. We hope to support you through the end of your recovery helping avoid re-injury getting you to 100% sooner.