Test of Prototype 1b (P1)

With Prototype 1b we wanted to answer some very simple questions:

1) Does the orthosis stay in place?

After the four hour wear test you can see the indentations created by the tightening and supporting of the orthosis through our patent pending friction bumps.

2) Does it stay on in water, while swimming?

The SuperSkin Orthosis has been tested in a pool and stays on, however swimming long distances with the SuperSkin has yet to be tested.  Our test revealed that there is a small amount of water that accumulates between the skin and the orthosis. However, this water accumulation did not cause the orthosis to slip. Ultimately the SuperSkin orthosis stayed in place.

3) Are there any concerns or issues with the current design?

Yes. With any new product design, we believe that an explanation of  how to apply the orthosis is needed to ensure that the proper placement of the orthosis (above the medial quadriceps) is achieved.  We expect that concerns and design issues will be fully addressed prior to launching the SuperSkin Orthosis in the marketplace. 

4) Does the SuperSkin Orthosis for the knee aid or hinder knee extension?

This test was conducted using a seated single leg knee extension exercise to assess performance with the orthosis against the performance of an un-covered limb. A standard test battery (listed below) was administered and the results with the SuperSkin Orthosis showed an increase in performance in all categories. 

Prototype-User Experience

Ted Y.  -  User Experience with Prototype 1b

Ted is an avid runner, who in the past year has relied on physical therapy and wears a tradition knee sleeve.

1) What was the first thing you noticed after application? The first thing I noticed after putting on the orthosis was that my knee (actually above and below my knee) felt stable and supported.  Unlike the traditional elastic knee brace I was wearing that only covered a small portion of my leg (knee only), the orthosis fit from mid thigh, over my knee to above my shin.             
How was application? Difficult? When I initially put on the orthosis, my leg was slightly sweaty. I believe that this made the application more difficult.  

2) How did the Orthosis compare to your current sleeve brace? Frankly, there was no comparison between the traditional elastic brace and the orthosis.  The traditional elastic brace fit snuggly over my knee and provided consistent, yet restrictive movement centered only on my knee.  The orthosis, by comparison, fit over a larger section of my leg -- from mid thigh to below my knee. This allowed for my movement to be support and stabilized. Through its design, the orthosis allowed for different amounts of "support" at different points. This was especially effective in providing lateral stability and a more comfortable fit during exercise.  

) Any comments on its ability to stay in place during a workout? 
he orthosis was very effective in staying in place even after strenuous exercise and lots of sweat. It did not "slide" down or up my leg at any point.Did you find you adjusted it during a workout? There was no need to adjust it during the workout. Compare to your current sleeve? When using a traditional elastic brace, I am adjusting it throughout the workout. I am constantly pulling the elastic brace up --especially after any knee extensions or stretches. 

4) How was removal? Time? Removal was easy -- rolled down the top ring and pulled off my leg.

5) Any general comments? The orthosis surprisingly provides a completely different kind of support and stability. Once it is on, it is easy to forget that it is there -- it allows for great movement, it is  not restrictive but supportive and stabilizing.  For someone like me (in my 50s) who enjoys running and working out, the orthosis can easily become that "tool" that allows for me to safely and comfortably continue my exercise commitment for a long time.