Friction Bumps-

One of the major complaints about a traditional knee brace is that it does not stay in place  during wear. Even with minimal levels of activity, traditional braces tend to slip, slide, or bunch up.  

We designed  an innovative way to address this complaint --Friction Bumps. Small triangular shaped materials are strategically placed on the inside upper ring of the Orthosis.  These small but effective Friction Bumps create an indentation in the skin, increasing friction points in the direction of pull. Our tests show that friction bumps are key to  stabilizing  the Orthosis on your limb.  

Human Cast-

Rather than using elastic or  fabric that is stitched  into a  cylinder with varying widths common in traditional knee brace design, the SuperSkin Orthosis is  human cast. Relying on new technology borrowed from the 3D gaming industry, our orthosis is designed to conform to a human leg – your leg. The design of the orthosis takes into consideration the volume of muscles on the anterior (quadriceps) to posterior (hamstrings) of the human leg. Thus, the SuperSkin Orthosis, unlike the traditional elastic brace, is not entirely cylindrical.

Tri-Plane Matrix Design-

The SuperSkin Orthosis is designed using a pattern of unique sequences of  small and large holes. Relying on a tri-plane (sagittal, lateral, and transverse) matrix, the sequencing of holes are intentionally placed on the orthosis. This unique design is developed to control the amount of material on either side of the  joint center allowing for greater stability and control needed during a range of motion.  

By calculating the amount of material on one side of the joint center versus. the other, the orthosis can provide a customized solution to address different movement issues.