Introducing the first and only true, uni-body, hydrophobic orthosis.


Our technology allows a single piece of material to store force as it flexes, supporting, protecting and powering the user.


SuperSkin® is a new type of knee orthosis, unlike any other current offering on the market. Our aim is to create a knee brace for anyone looking to stay active that helps them feel un-restrained but supported. SuperSkin® helps decelerate distal joint forces throughout a natural range of motion rather than bracing and restricting movement. 

While traditional braces are rigid, stiff, and often have metal that restricts range of motion, SuperSkin® is a uni-body brace that provides dynamic flexible support, protecting & powering the user. 

SuperSkin® is hydrophobic, providing functional support for land & water sport athletes, while helping whisk away sweat. While other braces release body heat, SuperSkin's 100% natural silicone helps keep your muscles warm throughout activity. This same silicone material also stores energy as it flexes, returning your knee to a more natural position at the end of your range of motion.

Once it is on, it is easy to forget that it is there — it allows for great movement, it is not restrictive but supportive and stabilizing.
— Ted Y.